The Fairy Tale Begins

Your wedding day is to be one of the most magical and incredibly important days of your life. From the moment you and your soulmate got engaged, your brain has been going a mile a minute with creating plans as you have sifted through site after site and have placed call after call trying to make sure everything comes together seamlessly before the big day. Needless to say, weddings are stressful. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you were able to eliminate even one of those stresses from your checklist? Well, Pop The Cork is here to do just that for you by supplying you with breathtaking centerpieces and event decor that’ll sure to make a lasting impression.

Pop The Cork is the wedding decor company you have been looking for. Run by an experienced bride, herself, Kim Pelowski understands just how important, yet utterly time-consuming, choosing wedding decor can be. She knows that the small details are what really give life to the venue, which is so important as loved ones come together in celebration of such a momentous occasion.

Pop The Cork is all about convenience. If you plan on saying ‘I do’ in the Twin Cities region, Pop The Cork wants to be there for you. Along with offering a variety of preselected centerpiece options, Pop The Cork is thrilled to provide worry-free set up and take down of the decor on your big day. Get the sparkle without the stress.

Aside from the bride and groom, the decor is the focal point of the reception. It is what the guests will marvel at as they toast to the newlyweds with their celebratory champagne so why not make a statement with the centerpieces and decor that will keep them talking for years to come?

The variety of centerpieces offered by Pop The Cork are a dream come true. With many options being customizable in order to fit your color scheme, this wedding decor company has the perfect design for you. Choose from options such as The Magic Lantern, Glass Slippers, Tree of Life, and many other noteworthy centerpieces on the Pop The Cork website. Marriage is a special union between two people and their families so it is essential to create an atmosphere of love that will bring everyone together. You can rest assured that these centerpieces will do just that for you.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of creating a guest list, choosing the perfect dress, finding an ideal venue, and taste-testing all the wedding cake and catering samples, you don’t have time to worry about the decor details so let Pop The Cork shoulder that burden for you. Be sure to like Pop The Cork on Facebook and check out for more details on how you can receive the royal treatment for your wedding decor needs.

Start your happily ever after by contacting Pop The Cok today.